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Quality. Service. Guaranteed.

You will always have enough time
To make more money.
You will never have enough money
To make more Time.

Quality and Consistency.

These products are designed with
this philosophy in mind.



Welcome to the Next generation Steel Company, based in Durban, KZN. We are suppliers of Primary steel and Allied products to the industrial, commercial and architectural sectors. We also offer additional Turnkey solutions on a number of Steel related services. We are engaged in every aspect involved in the sourcing, supply and manipulation of steel products. We believe service excellence cannot be quantified.

And we like it here, you know warm weather and everything...


Harkus Stainless Steel has been around since April 04. The original staff complement was just 2 people and a single vehicle; we have since tripled in size and in stock holding. The name Harkus Steel was adopted over Harkus Stainless Steel as it increases our market potential.

We are an ever changing ever evolving company "The only way to ensure your product survival is by making it obsolete yourself" - 'Bill Gates ... Microsoft' Deep


We are a Level 2 BEE rated vendor, which mean 125% of your spend with us is classified a BEE Spend, which in turn may be one of the key components for your own BEE Rating and has significant benefits when applying for tenders.

The problem generally is finding the right BEE Supplier, well here we are...

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